In early 2017 the Royal Flying Doctor Service released a research paper entitled “Mental Health in Rural and Remote Communities”. This new research reveals remote Australians die on average from suicide at twice the rate of city people, yet are only able to access mental health services at a fifth of the rate of city people. It also identifies farmers as among the most at risk of suicide.

RideWest, a biennial event, has raised over $1,000,000 for the RFDS and specifically the mental health services delivered by the RFDS, through their Wellbeing Out West program,  in Western Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Royal Flying Doctor Service – providing the finest care to the furthest corners to more than 270,000 people each year

As the primary beneficiary of RideWest, we believe the work of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is vital to bridging the gap for mental health in regional areas in Australia and we are proud of the difference we help the RFDS make.

The RFDS has been:

–      Helping Australians in need for 85 years

–      With 61 aircraft operating from 21 bases covering 90% of Australia

–      Providing the finest care to one person every 2 minutes.

Rob Cook’s Story

Read about the heroic rescue by RFDS in 2008 of Rob Cook, Australian Rodeo Champion and friend of RideWest.

As an incredible inspiration to all of us, Rob’s message rings true not only on each day of the arduous RideWest ride but every day.

“It doesn’t matter the size of the mountain that faces you. Keep climbing!”

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