Rider FAQs

How difficult is the ride?

The ride is a challenge. Its about digging deep, working as a team and reaching out to support each other. The ride is approximately 170 – 220kms each day, for 8 days. In a peleton, this equates to about 6 – 8 hours riding every day. It is physically very taxing and a great challenge, however that is what makes it so rewarding when you pedal those last couple of hours into Longreach.

How much training will I need to do?

To be able to complete the ride you will need to do at least 4 months training, with 3 rides per week including 1 longer ride on a weekend. A dedicated training program will be provided, which can either be completed in your own time or you can join in on group rides.

What will I get out of doing the ride?

From the ride banter, to the enjoyment of sharing a beer or two in a classic outback pub, the camaraderie that develops over the course of 8 days makes RideWest a once in a lifetime opportunity. You’ll make friends for life and reach personal fitness goals.

Would you do it again?

We have a number of riders that have completed the ride several times and commit to returning again next year. Although it is tough, the sense of accomplishment and the memories made, keep our riders coming back for more.